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black and white pattered area rug in midcentury living room with green couch

Area Rugs in Lakeland, FL


Enhance your Lakeland home with a stylish area rug from Galloway Carpet One!


As your go-to flooring store in Lakeland, FL, we're committed to fulfilling all your home renovation needs, including those essential finishing touches. Our wide array of area rugs doesn't just add style to your rooms; they also serve a practical purpose. Visit our Lakeland showroom today to check out our selection of area rugs!


What Types of Area Rugs Are Available?


Area rugs offer a versatile range of materials, textures, and styles similar to carpets. This means you have the flexibility to choose according to your specific requirements. For instance, if you're aiming for a plush feel in your bedroom, soft and cozy shag area rugs can be the perfect match for your hardwood floor. Alternatively, for areas prone to spills and messes, like the kitchen or dining room, a sturdy waterproof nylon area rug might be more suitable. Discover an array of stunning designs from industry-leading brands such as Oriental Weavers, Feizy, Dalyn, LR Home, Orian, and Cosmos Area Rugs. Additionally, we feature a selection of outdoor area carpets ideal for your patio or lanai.


Custom Area Rugs and In-Store Rug Binding


In Lakeland, FL, Galloway Carpet One provides custom area rug binding services tailored to your precise needs. Whether you need a carpet cut and finished to exact dimensions or desire a specific style, we've got you covered. Utilizing in-store area rug binding, we transform remnants into stylish area rugs. Expect a quick turnaround time of approximately one week for binding and/or custom creations from remnants.


What Size Area Rugs Are Available?


When it comes to area rugs, the possibilities are endless, catering to various interior design schemes and practical needs. The ideal size depends on your vision for the room. Some prefer a smaller rug to serve as a focal point, while others opt for larger sizes, offering a soft surface for children to play. Our collection includes a range of sizes to accommodate your preferences:


But what about entryways or oddly shaped rooms? Since each space differs, precise measurement becomes crucial. Runners, for instance, are traditionally slightly narrower than the hallway width, creating an illusion of elongation. Additionally, consider circular rugs or other shapes to effectively utilize negative space.


Popular Area Rug Styles in Lakeland


Before buying an area rug, it is important to consider what the rug will be used for. This consideration will determine the sizing and placement you will choose. While some may say there are rules when it comes to area rugs, we like to consider it more of an art. Current trends and personal taste heavily influence how you integrate an area rug into your living space. Consider the room's layout and how the rug complements your furniture or sets the desired ambiance. In Lakeland, popular styles range from coastal neutrals for a serene feel to vibrant patterns that serve as striking focal points. Whatever your style preferences, we're here to assist you in finding the perfect rug for your home!


What Are The Benefits of Area Rugs?


Area rugs are frequently paired with hard surface flooring like hardwood,  tile, laminate, or vinyl, enhancing a room in numerous ways:


Why Shop Area Rugs at Galloway Carpet One?


When it comes to rugs, we’ve got you covered! Our local flooring store is here to provide full-service flooring solutions, offering rugs to complement hardwood, luxury vinyl, laminate, carpet, and tile floors. Find the best in quality, style, and price with our stunning area rugs and custom binding services. Best of all, we offer attentive customer service to ensure you get the area rug you love! When you’re ready to shop area rugs, turn to Galloway Carpet One in Lakeland, FL!



Contact us today to explore the endless possibilities of our area rugs! We are proud to serve Lakeland, FL, as well as the surrounding communities. 

How to Find The Best Area Rug for Your Lakeland Home

Explore important considerations for choosing an area rug that best suits your space. When in doubt, ask our friendly and knowledgeable flooring experts at our Lakeland showroom!
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