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Hardwood Flooring in Lakeland, FL

Few floors offer the same dynamic beauty as natural hardwood. Galloway Carpet One Floor & Home in Lakeland, Florida, is your local hardwood store, with a quality selection of products. Hardwood is an investment in your home that can last for decades if properly cared for. Let the experts at Galloway help you find the perfect natural wood flooring for your space, lifestyle, and budget.


Hardwood Styles


Modern hardwood flooring is available in a wide array of shades, textures, plank sizes, finish styles, and glosses. From wire-brushed planks with rustic, weathered textures to smooth, glossy finishes that shine, we have a variety of style options available. Extra wide plank hardwood floors are particularly popular right now, as well as styles that have a reclaimed look. Our team will walk you through the options and help you find a timeless and beautiful design for your setting.


Solid Hardwood vs. Engineered Hardwood


There are two main types of hardwood planks: solid and engineered. Solid wood flooring is the traditional choice and is made from a single cut of premium hardwood. In contrast, engineered hardwood is composed from layers of composite wood, with a genuine hardwood veneer. From the surface, these floors appear identical, but in reality, engineered wood planks are better at handling moisture and humidity, making them a great choice for our climate. Many of our customers choose to go with an engineered option for this reason.


Our Hardwood Selection


We carry quality wood flooring brands that are designed with style and performance in mind. Our selection includes a wide array of designs for every interior, and many different unique features and options. We also have a talented team of industry experts who can help you from choosing the right products to a perfect hardwood floor installation. Visit us today to learn more and get a free estimate!




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Shop Hardwood Flooring


We have many different natural hardwood styles, from rustic dark wood to light, bright, and contemporary options. Browse our wood flooring selection online now.